Production of woodworking products

JV Lindeksport was founded in 2004 and now it is one of the leading wood processing enterprise in Belarus located in Minsk region 50 km away from Minsk ring road. The company is an export oriented company and we have long term contracts with wood companies from Europe. 

There are many reasons to work with us:
-we are in the market for more than 15 years, so we know well what is needed for our European partners. 
-we value our reputation and our partners, that is why our goods are of high quality, we never get claims from our partners. 
-we are online 24/7 and we have English-speaking staff to accept your orders 
-we have our own territory in Minsk region and in Minsk surroundings 
-we accept cash, euro and dollars payments
-we have European laboratory certificates, proving the quality of our goods 

Our main services:

Wood processing activity

The main types of the enterprise activity are the wood processing activity such as the production of sawn and un edged softwood and deciduous wood, different fragments and lengths, services for sawing wood, the production of floor boards, clapboards, skirting boards, and platbands.

The production of lumber is conducted on the modern multi blade rip saw, band saw and edge trimming machines. The quality of lumber fully meets the requirements of the relevant standards, all products pass phytosanitary control and are accompanied by appropriate certificates.

Production of industrial and light pellets.

We produce Industrial (dark) fuel pellets with an ash content of up to 1.5%, light pellets with ash content up to 0,5%.The demand for wood pellets and briquettes, equipment for their combustion and production is growing in proportion to the prices of traditional fuels such as oil and gas. In some European countries, where the market for alternative energy sources is well developed, pellets heat up to 2/3 of residential premises. This widespread use is also due to the environmental friendliness of this type of fuel.
The pellets can be loaded in 15 kg bags or 800 big bags with 67 bags on a pallet. The price for the pellets are upon request depending on the amount needed. The quality of the pellets are high top and it is proven by the tests at the Belarussian and European laboratories. 

RUF fuel briquettes

Wood briquettes do not include any harmful substances, including adhesives. Specially pressed under high pressure and at high temperature, the briquettes have a rectangular brick shape ( RUF-briquettes). Fuel briquettes are widely used and can be used for all types of furnaces, Central heating boilers, wood boilers, etc., they burn perfectly in fireplaces, stoves, grills, etc.the Great advantage of briquettes is the constant temperature during combustion for 4 hours. 
Each block contains 12 briquets for 830 grams= 10 kg. We load 96 block on a pallet for a big load.   

Sale and production of pallets (pallet)

-the manufacture and sale of wooden pallets (pallets), snow retention boards and other types of reusable cargo containers, as well as pallet elements: container boards (pallets).
Breed: deciduous and coniferous natural humidity
Width: from 600 to 1200 mm.
Length: from 800 to 2000 mm.
It is possible to manufacture according to the size and drawings of the customer.
The price of wooden pallets of different brands and sizes will depend on their design, the volume of wood contained in it, and other requirements imposed by the buyer.
Terms of delivery-free-lower warehouse (enterprise warehouse)

If you have any questions or requests for the goods specified, please, get in touch with our English speaking manager Natalia +375296578655